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Caroline Olson, co-founder
Children Against Cancer



THE HEARTBEAT OF CHILDREN AGAINST CANCER is to advance research for promising cures from natural sources; knowledge about causes and prevention; organic nutrition for optimal health; and emotional support for children battling cancer.



Children Against Cancer was founded in 2001 in Phoenix, Arizona USA by a mother and son who feel great compassion for girls and boys diagnosed with the world’s most dreaded disease.  We’re a unique grassroots, all-volunteer 501(c)(3) Nonprofit with a strong focus on Conquering Cancer In This Generation.


When a baby, child or teenager is diagnosed with cancer, the entire family is devastated and overwhelmed with concern.  We’re dedicated to helping you understand childhood cancer · Treatment options · Side effects · Prevention tips · The role of wholesome nutrition and a toxin-free environment · What’s really going on in the “war against cancer.”  The challenges faced by survivors · How you can make a significant difference.




“Childhood cancers have reach epidemic proportions in recent years, and are now the leading cause of death by disease in children,” says Samuel Epstein, M.D., internationally respected cancer authority.





·  A child is diagnosed with cancer every 38 minutes


·  A child dies of cancer every 3 hours, 11 minutes, and 40 seconds


Cancer causes more suffering and death amongst children than AIDS, Asthma, Cystic Fibrosis, Diabetes, Muscular Dystrophy, and Tuberculosis combined!


Although some progress has been made in recent years, survivors of childhood cancers face a two-edged sword for the rest of their lives with ongoing chronic or life-threatening health problems caused by radical, toxic conventional treatments.


More independent research is needed in the hope that childhood cancers may someday soon be cured by gentle, natural medicines, so that children can go on to enjoy healthy, happy, productive lives.


We stand at a crossroads where one direction leads to the same outdated barbaric treatments, and another direction leads to exciting new nontoxic therapies that enable the immune system to seek out and destroy cancer cells without damaging or killing the patient. The only way natural, alternative cancer therapies will be advanced in North America, as they have been for decades in Europe, is when enough people demand them.




Our website is designed for everyone faced with the challenges of raising healthy children in our toxic world. There is a growing desire to return to living in harmony with nature for good health for children and the adults they love, and for a safe environment.


We provide up-to-date information from the experts about organic nutrition, the dangers of genetically engineered foods, and vital tips for a “green” lifestyle to reduce exposures to carcinogens, toxins, and chemicals that endanger health. 


Many slow-growing adult cancers are traced back to childhood exposures to chemicals and an inferior diet that allow cancer to develop.  What we do today may help future generations live healthier lives, free from the ravages of cancer.


Because we don’t accept funds from federal sources, pharmaceutical companies, or businesses that contribute to or profit from the cancer epidemic, you are assured that the research on this site is not tainted by their agendas.





Children Against Cancer is known for visiting Phoenix Children’s Hospital and other randomly selected hospitals with gifts of soft, huggable Hope Teddy Bears. Our teddy bears do wonders to comfort girls and boys hospitalized for long months of cancer treatments.  They offer hope for healing to very sick children who are frightened and need a friendly bear to hug as they face an uncertain future.


If you feel compassion for kids fighting cancer and want to help by sponsoring a comforting teddy bear and research for new, promising, nontoxic cures, click here to donate. Thank you!

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