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War Against Cancer


Cancer was rare in adults a century ago and unheard of in children. Now, it’s the leading cause of death by disease for both adults and kids.

The War Against Cancer began in 1971 when President Richard Nixon signed the new National Cancer Act into law.  He predicted that the “War Against Cancer” would find the cure within a decade, and Congress made plans to celebrate.

For decades, the cancer industry has held a powerful grip on the way cancer is treated in North America.  “Drug companies dictate what is taught in medical schools and what is published in medical journals,” says James Howenstine, M.D. 

Funds are raised every year to help researchers find a “miracle drug” to cure cancer.  Yet, a major drug company quietly changed their research plan in 1995: “The company was one of the first pharmaceutical firms that approached cancer, not as a disease ultimately to be cured, but as a chronic disease with which patients could learn to live.  The direction of cancer research changed within the pharmaceutical industry as a whole, and many companies followed their lead,” reports

For the past 21 years, millions of dollars have been directed for “novel, innovative drugs” – actually treatments to manage or control cancer, not exactly to cure it.


After 45 years and more than $two trillion from taxpayer funding for research, the incidence of cancer has continued to escalate at an alarming rate. Ten million men, women, and children have lost their lives to killer cancer.  The most troubling are increased rates of childhood cancers. 

It’s tragic that by the time parents notice symptoms and a doctor diagnoses the disease, 80% of children have a deadly malignancy that has already spread to other parts of their bodies.  Most of these children will die. It is a devastating loss to families and to society.



The leading federal agencies fund less than 3% for pediatric cancer research, and only 2% is directed toward prevention. Drastic reductions in government funding continue to impact research for critically ill children battling the world’s deadliest disease, but cancer won’t wait for the economy to improve.  


Although the War Against Cancer has so far been a colossal failure, there is hope. The latest trend in cancer research that we support is based on Immunotherapy – to boost your body’s own immune system to fight cancer by reprograming the natural killer cells to seek out and destroy cancer without harming normal cells.

This can be achieved in two ways – with new drugs and vaccines, OR by strengthening your body’s natural defenses with safe, gentle therapies using superfoods, plant-based medicines, combinations of herbs, detoxifying, high doses of Vitamin C by IV, an organic alkaline diet, avoiding sugar that feeds cancer cells, and many other natural gentle therapies already proven successful in Europe.


You can make a significant difference in the lives of very sick girls and boys battling cancer by donating today to Children Against Cancer.  Every dollar counts! Our hope is that babies, children, and teens should be treated as a top priority in the war against cancer. 

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